Cheese maturing packaging

Our solutions for cheese maturing include various systems. These are based on a wide variety of film structures that can be equipped with different barrier and mechanical properties to meet the product requirements.

All film solutions and systems from SÜDPACK offer maximum sealing performance even with contamination, thus ensuring a safe cheese maturing process as well as providing optimum flavour and hole formation support.
Furthermore, oxidation and loss of taste are prevented even during longer storage periods. Our portfolio for cheese maturing bags includes: Chain bags, sealed side bags, gusseted bags as well as tubular films.
All materials are characterized by a perfect processability on standard machines and ensure an optimal protection of the form of cheese blocks and round loaves.

Fields of application

This portfolio offers all the following properties:


Our cheese maturing packaging, especially with the complete system of SÜDPACK MBM, offer maximum efficiency and optimum sealing quality, even in case of contamination.

Equipment options

Equipment with different and customizable barrier and mechanical properties.



Our films offer optimum protection with minimum material input. The product range also includes recyclable structures made of monomaterial.

More features

Individual inking possible.

SÜDPACK portfolio for cheese maturing