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StarBlend®: Customized Compounds for Specific Applications - SÜDPACK Sets Standards with Unique Compounding Offer, Providing Tailored Solutions with Expertise in Polymers, Additives, and Fillers.
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StarBlend®: customized compounds tailored to your applications

Our compounding offers set standards, our individuality makes an impact
We draw on in-depth expertise in the manufacture of innovative compounds made from conventional and bio-based raw materials. We tailor these compounds to the specific needs of our customers. Our unique know-how in polymers, additives, and fillers gives us the decisive edge, especially when it comes to developing solutions for sophisticated technical applications. Excellent mechanical properties and optimal processability make our compounds the perfect choice for a wide range of industries.

With seamless traceability of all raw materials along the entire supply chain, we ensure our compounds are available in consistently high quality and in the necessary quantities. Our customers can also rely on professional service at all times.

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A hand holding the innovative StarBlend® Compound from SÜDPACK, made from conventional and biobased raw materials, featuring the StarBlend logo.

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At your request, we can also determine with you the carbon savings potential your company can realize with recyclates, taking into account your sustainability goals.

Dr. Kylie König
Business Development Compounding
Dr. Kylie König from SÜDPACK guides you in identifying CO2 savings potentials through recyclates

A sustainable choice – compounds from recyclates and biomaterials

As a family-owned company, we are committed to sustainability. Driven by this philosophy, we develop concepts that conserve resources by using recyclates. We collect materials including recyclates from our own film production as well as re-granulated materials from our customers and as far as possible use them as feedstock for new compounds.
This also helps our customers reduce the carbon footprint of their products. To give customers the facts they need to select the most sustainable solution, we also carry out life cycle assessments for our StarBlend compounds which take into account the entire life cycle of these materials.

The figure below shows how the targeted integration of recyclates and bio-based raw materials significantly reduces the carbon footprint.

Image showcase the diversity of our StarBlend® portfolio, featuring thermoplastic compounds, including unfilled, mineral- or glass-fiber-filled granules, suitable for injection molding, extrusion, and filament applications

StarBlend® – the product portfolio for customized compounds from SÜDPACK

Our portfolio of high-end thermoplastic compounds covers non-filled and mineral or glass-fiber-filled granulates. These are equally suitable for injection molding, extrusion, and filament production.

Our customers can choose from a portfolio of standard compounds. This enables us to accelerate the development process and the time-to-market for our customers.  We can customize any standard compound to meet the required properties of the end product.

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    Flexible recyclate shares and bio-based options

    Our customers determine the recyclate share in their compound and whether bio-based or conventional polymers are used.
    There is no upper limit here, material solutions made of 100% recyclates are also possible.
    You can choose between various types of recyclate, including post-industrial and post-consumer recyclates.
    We also offer the option of biopolymers.

    Image depicts a professional meeting: Have you developed your own compound recipe and need additional compounding and production capacity? Explore our expertise in compounding thermoplastic polymers with various fillers, additives, and color masterbatches.

    Contract compounding

    Have you developed your own compound formula and need additional compounding and production capacity?
    We draw on extensive expertise in compounding thermoplastic polymers with various fillers, additives, and color master batches. As a contract compounder, we produce your compound to the formula you specify. We would be happy to support you with formula development, optimization, and individual process development from prototype to industrial production.
    Alongside this all-round service, we also offer raw materials procurement, warehousing, and logistics support, including direct delivery to your or your customer’s storage facility.

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      Positive Plastics initiative

      With our compounds, SÜDPACK is a member of the POSITIVE PLASTICS initiative. This organization compiles sample kits of polymers suitable for injection molding that have a reduced environmental impact and help create a functional circular economy. With this special form of sample sets, POSITIVE PLASTICS aims to demonstrate all the significant mechanical and optical properties of each material. That helps designers and product managers to gain a better picture of how the material could look in the finished product.

      In Kit 3, SÜDPACK presents its StarBlend PP 004-01 R T20 N compound containing 70% PP recyclate.

      Find out more about the initiative

      Image displays SÜDPACK's sample kit for injection molding polymers from the POSITIVE PLASTICS Initiative, emphasizing environmental impact and circular economy.

      The right solutions for your applications

      Our compounds stand out for excellent mechanical properties and optimal processability. This makes them ideal solutions for various industries.
      Whether you manufacture toothbrushes, plastic fittings for vehicles, household appliances, cable sheathings, cosmetics packagings, seals, window profiles, or packaging solutions – StarBlend® compounds are ideal for a whole range of applications in consistently high quality.

      Consumer goods

      Compounds for consumer goods and
      consumer goods packagings

      Our compounds are ideal for injection molding applications in the manufacture of consumer goods or consumer goods packagings, including products such as hygiene articles, toothbrushes, disposable razors, and packagings for cosmetics and cleaning agents.

      They feature high flexibility, surface quality, and scratch resistance.

      • Sustainability
      • Tailored flexibility
      • Surface quality
      Image shows a toothbrush made from SÜDPACK Compounds for injection molding.
      Packaging goods

      Compounds for packaging goods and
      plastic films

      Our compounds can be used for manufacturing plastic packagings, e.g. bubble wrap or laminated films as well as rigid containers such as canisters and tanks.

      Your key advantages: optimal protection against UV and weathering as well as media permeability tailored to your requirements.

      • High flexibility
      • Optimal protection
      • Customized media permeability


      Image shows bubble wrap made from SÜDPACK Compounds.
      Household & Garden

      Compounds for household and garden

      SÜDPACK compounds are ideal for use in housings for household appliances, handles, boxes, and garden tools.

      They feature high flexibility, surface quality, and scratch resistance.

      • Media resistance
      • Wide range of functionalities
      • Profitability


      Image shows a garden tool with a housing made from SÜDPACK Compounds.

      Compounds for automotive engineering

      Excellent mechanical properties and optimal processability make our compounds the perfect choice for automotive engineering.
      They can be used e.g. for interior components, engine covers, floors, and driver protection.

      • Low emissions
      • Sustainability
      • Profitability
      Image shows a car where SÜDPACK Compounds were used in vehicle construction.

      Compounds for furniture and other
      interior design items

      SÜDPACK compounds are genuine all-rounders – and can be used in extrusion, injection molding, and thermoforming processes. They are ideally suited for furniture, tables, cover panels, rear panels, and protective films.

      • Barrier function
      • Media resistance
      • Sustainability


      Image shows a kitchen where SÜDPACK Compounds were processed through extrusion, injection molding, and thermoforming.

      Compounds for civil engineering and construction

      With optimal value for money, our compounds are particularly suitable for products that are used in the civil engineering and construction industry. For example in the form of strips, pipes, light wells, protective sheeting, underlays, and membranes.

      • UV and weather resistance
      • Profitability
      • Customizable barrier function


      Image shows a civil engineering application where SÜDPACK Compounds were used.

      How Vorwerk joined forces with SÜDPACK to use recyclates in high-end products

      In this report from K-PROFI, you can read about how SÜDPACK and the Vorwerk Group together recycle plastic for the Kobold VK7 cordless vacuum cleaner and the new modular cleaning system.