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Household and fabric care – a great variety

Excellent barrier properties are essential
when packaging care products.

When it comes to film concepts for cleaning products, specialist expertise is required. Here at SÜDPACK, we contribute our many years of experience in coextrusion and lamination to achieve barrier properties that prevent for example the migration of fragrances. This fully preserves the properties of the product.

Our films are also available in small volumes. And for special requirements, we develop individual solutions.

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Products for household
and fabric care

Film packaging for tablets, detergent or softener offer an optimal protection and a perfect presentation at the Point of Sale.

Sustainable packaging solutions for household and fabric care products

Sustainable is simply better: Packaging solutions that are recyclable or based on renewable resources make products appealing to buy and impress consumers.

They convey values and represent a strong sense of responsibility. They are modern and fit for the future. They reduce the carbon footprint along the process chain and help you to achieve your sustainability goals.

Sustainable film solutions