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Attractive packaging concepts for personal care and cosmetic products

The look and feel of a packaging differentiate
at the Point of Sale.

When packaging lotion, toothpaste and make-up in tubes or jars as well as shampoo or other hygiene products, the packaging needs to reflect the philosophy and quality of the product.

A pleasant feel, elegant appearance and remarkable convenience are the decisive factors for consumers. Film solutions by SÜDPACK meet this demands without having to compromise on sustainability.

And most importantly, they can be developed individually and also ordered in small quantities.

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Personal care & cosmetics
require quality

High-quality packaging protects shampoo, lotion and cosmetics.
For the sake of everyone’s health.

Sustainable film solutions for personal care and cosmetic products

Recyclable packaging concepts or those made from renewable resources are what particularly impress at today’s Point of Sale.

With our modern film solutions, you make a statement in the market while sending out a powerful signal for a better environment. At the same time, we are continuing our intensive work on reducing material use.
After all, material that is saved from the very beginning will not have to be recycled later on. And that is something consumers appreciate.

Our sustainability roadmap