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Film solutions for building and construction – safety ensured by competence.

Our technical films withstand heavy loads
in daily use.

Our high-performance film solutions are anything but off the shelf. We develop packaging concepts that offer all-round protection even in harsh working environments and robust handling, as well as technical films that are used in a wide range of applications, such as insulation films.

They are individually developed to suit specific requirements and can also be ordered in smaller quantities. Because SÜDPACK customers value our expertise, flexibility and reliable delivery.

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Technical films for
building and construction

Technical films from SÜDPACK are extremely resistant and robust and can withstand a wide range of loads, for example as insulation or sewer rehabilitation films.

Packaging solutions for
building and construction

Whether in sacks or bags – film solutions for cement, adhesives or other supplies are our strength.
They are resistant and provide safety, for example with laser perforation during the bagging process.

Sustainable films for building and construction

Our sustainable film solutions are just as resilient as conventional materials.
They provide maximum protection and can be equipped with familiar features. They just also happen to significantly conserve resources and are more eco-friendly. And they can be appropriately recycled.
Our take: In the building trade in particular, the environment should be of top priority.

Sustainability made by SÜDPACK