Side-gusseted-bags are used for an optimal and safe presentation of products packed in a bag with side gussets placed on each side. One application of side-gusseted-bags is the cheese maturing. Thereby the shape of the cheese blocks are protected reliably.
The pre-made bags consist of a multilayer high-barrier material and protect the packaged product from external influences during the entire packaging process.

Side-gusseted-bags can be easily processed on all standard fully automatic packaging machines and offer a high sealing quality and packaging safety.

  • High product protection
  • Maximum efficiency in bag packaging
  • Extended shelf life due to high barrier
Side-gusseted-bags from SÜDPACK offer a high product protection

Fields of application

This product offers all the following properties:


Side-gusseted-bags offer maximum efficiency on all standard fully automatic packaging machines as well as optimum sealing quality even with contaminated sealing flunges.


Equipment options

The pre-made bags are equipped with a high barrier.



Our films offer optimum protection with minimum material input.
The bag program also includes recyclable structures made of mono-material.

More features

Side-gusset-bags can be inked.