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Post-consumer recyclates

Here you can find an overview of our PP-based compounds with post-consumer recyclates and talcum as the filler.

Further combinations are available on request.


  • Recyclate share >= 40% - StarBlend PP 002-01 R T12 B   
  • Recyclate share >= 70% - StarBlend PP 004-01 R T20 N
  • Recyclate share >= 40% - StarBlend PP 001-01 R T12 W
Image displays PP-based compounds by SÜDPACK with post-consumer recyclate content and environmentally friendly fillers like talc.

Interested in compounds with post-consumer recyclates? We will be happy to calculate your carbon savings potential with you.


Dr. Kylie König from SÜDPACK: Specialist for Customized Compounds
Table illustrates an overview of PP-based compounds by SÜDPACK with Post-Consumer Recyclate content and talc as a filler.