Safe Peel® Clear NT

The highly transparent Safe Peel® Clear NT top films seal reliable even with contaminated sealing flanges with oil, marinade or powder and ensure maximum packaging safety.
Due to the well-proven SÜDPACK peel system, the films impress with an easy and uniform opening behavior and provide high convenience without compromising on packaging safety.

With their high antifog properties and high transparency, the top films offer a clear view of the product.

Compared to other peelable top films, Safe Peel® Clear NT films are thinner and are characterized by a high material efficiency. Therefore, they offer maximum performance with minimum material input - our contribution to sustainability.

  • Maximum packaging safety thanks to high sealing quality
  • High material efficiency with maximum performance
  • Wide processing range on standard packaging machines

Fields of application

This product has the following properties:


Safe Peel® Clear NT are processable on standard thermoforming packaging machines as well as standard traysealers and achieve an optimum output.


Equipment options

The films are equipped with the well-proven SÜDPACK peel function.
In addition, they offer a high barrier and provide optimum product protection.


Visual properties

The high-gloss films can be easily printed and are ideal for a high-quality presentation at the point of sale.



High material efficiency due to maximum protection at a minimum material weight.


More features

The films can be equipped with antifog.


Find a suitable bottom film

Our bottom films offer the perfect combination with our top films.
This results in packaging concepts that are groundbreaking in terms of efficiency, packaging security and sustainability.

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