Multifol® GP

The coextruded Multifol® GP flexible films can be used as bottom films for thermoforming applications in the production of MAP and vacuum packaging that are subject to a pasteurization process.
Due to the film structure, the films are plane after heat treatment. In combination with their excellent transparency, they ensure an optimal product presentation at the point-of-sale.
With their excellent puncture resistance, they ensure a high level of product protection. They also feature a large processing window and a wide sealing range.

  • High puncture resistance and maximum product protection
  • Optimum planarity after heat treatment
  • Maximum transparency

Fields of application

This product offers all the following properties:


Multifol® GP are processable on standard thermoforming packaging machines.


Equipment options

The films are equipped with a medium barrier.
Due to their excellent puncture resistance, they offer optimum product protection.


Visual properties

Their high transparency enables an optimal presentation at the point-of-sale.


More features

The films are suitable for pasteurization and have an excellent planarity after heat treatment.