Multifol® G Plus

Multifol® G Plus coextruded flexible films are characterized by a particularly high mechanical stability.
They can be used as bottom films in thermoforming applications with extreme thermoforming conditions for the production of MAP and vacuum packaging.

Due to their temperature resistance and high puncture resistance, Multifol® G Plus films can also be used to package frozen products and sharp-edged food products. In addition, they are also suitable for packaging technical products with special protection requirements.

  • High mechanical strength
  • Ideal for pointed and sharp-edged products
  • Suitable for frozen applications

Fields of application

This product offers all the following properties:


Multifol® G Plus are processable on standard thermoforming packaging machines.


Equipment options

These films are tightly sealed and are characterized by a medium barrier.
Increased mechanical protection due to excellent puncture resistance.

Visual properties

Their high transparency enables an optimal presentation at the point-of-sale.

More features

These films are suitable for a freezer applications and pasteurization.