Ecoterm® are PP-based rigid films which are equipped with a PE sealing layer.
They are characterized by excellent thermoforming properties and thanks to their special composition they can be used as deep-freeze packaging, trays for ready meals or coffee capsules.

Our films can be equipped with different barrier and protection levels according to the requirements of the products to be packaged.

  • Suitable for high temperature applications
  • Ideal for convenience packaging
  • Wide range of barrier levels, sealing layers and colors

Fields of application

This product has the following properties:


Ecoterm films are processable on standard thermoforming packaging machines and are characterized by perfect thermoforming behavior on standard systems.

Equipment options

The films can be equipped with lock seal or peeling functions. In addition, they can also be equipped with high barrier and an additional aroma barrier.

More features

Ecoterm films are suitable for a high temperature range as for example hot filling, freezing or pasteurization. In addition, they can be modified for sterilization.

Find a suitable top film

Our top films perfectly complement with our bottom films.
This results in packaging concepts that are groundbreaking in efficiency, packaging security and sustainability.

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