CanLid Peel®

The CanLid Peel® are used as top films for the production of MAP and vacuum packaging.
They can be used in a wide temperature range: from deep-freezing over hot filling and pasteurization to sterilization.

The films ensure excellent sealing even with contaminated sealing flanges and optimum packaging quality.
Due to the proven SÜDPACK peel system, an optimum peel can be achieved in a wide temperature range.

  • Suitable for the use in a wide temperature range
  • Reliable sealing even with contaminated sealing flanges
  • Optimum peel properties

Fields of application

This product offers all the following properties:


CanLid Peel® films are processable on standard thermoforming packaging machines and standard traysealers.

Equipment options

The films can be equipped with a peel function and are characterized by a high barrier.

Visual properties

The white inking of the film prevents the products from shining through. This also offers a wide range of design options and a differentiated product presentation.

More features

CanLid films are suitable for a high temperature range as for example hot filling, freezing, pasteurization and sterilization.

Find a suitable bottom film

Our bottom films offer the perfect combination with our top films.
This results in packaging concepts that are groundbreaking in terms of efficiency, packaging security and sustainability.

Bottom films from SÜDPACK