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Customized compounds for specific applications

Our compounding offers set standards,
our individuality makes an impact.

We produce individual compounds for various applications.
Therefore, we have built up a comprehensive expertise, processing and application technology in the areas of additives, biopolymers, recyclates and filling materials.

As a long-established company, we are also focused on sustainability. Within the framework of our own material management, we are also intensely and explicitly promoting the regranulation and compounding of reusable materials at our own Competence Center.
With our Toll compounding and regranulation service, we are able to develop and manufacture customized compounds.

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Compounds for consumer goods and
consumer goods packagings

Compounds are ideal for injection molding applications in the production of consumer goods or consumer packaging, such as in hygiene products, toothbrushes, disposable razors, cosmetics, cleaning products packaging and other products.

They are very flexible, have a high surface quality and scratch resistance.

  • Particularly sustainable
  • Resource efficiency
  • Surface quality




Compounds for packaging goods and plastic films

Our compounds can be used for plastic packaging that, for example, become part of bubble wrap or laminated films as well as for canisters or tanks. Your key advantages: optimal protection against UV and weathering as well as adjustable media permeability.

  • High level of flexibility
  • Optimal protective functions
  • Variable media permeability



Compounds for household and garden

The sustainable compounds from SÜDPACK are ideal for the use in housings for household appliances, handles, boxes and garden equipment.

They are very flexible, have a high surface quality and scratch resistance.

  • Media resistance
  • High protection
  • Flexibility



Compounds for automotive and
vehicle construction

Excellent mechanical properties and low emissions make our compounds the perfect choice for automotive engineering and transportation systems. They can be used, for example, for interior components, engine covers, flooring or underbody protection.

  • Low emission values
  • Particularly sustainable
  • Economic efficiency



Compounds for furniture and other
interior fixtures

SÜDPACK compounds are genuine all-rounders – and can be used in extrusion, injection molding and thermoforming processes. They are ideally suited for furniture, tables, cover panels, rear panels and protective films.

  • Good mechanical properties
  • High protection
  • Scratch resistance



Compounds for building and construction

With optimal value for money, our compounds are particularly suitable for products that are used in the building industry. For example in the form of battens, for pipes, light wells, cover foils, underlays and membranes.

  • UV and weathering protection
  • Economic efficiency
  • Media resistance


There is no such thing as impossible – customized compounds

Customized concepts? Order-based compounding? Regranulation of thermoplastic by-products?
We look forward to every project.

State of the art

When it comes to the combination of technologies and their quality, our compounding and granulation line are unparalleled in our industry.

product features

Thermoplastic, unfilled, mineral-filled, rigid, flexible and functionalized compounds.


We use thermoplastic by-products as well as bio-based and chemically recycled polymers.

How SÜDPACK and Vorwerk jointly recycle plastic

In this report from K-PROFI, read how SÜDPACK and the Vorwerk Group are jointly recycling plastic for the Kobold VK7 cordless vacuum cleaner and the new modular cleaning system.

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We are master craftsmen when it comes to compounds. What makes us stand out?
Perfected technology, expert knowledge and a passion for formulating the perfect compound for your specific application with various additives.

Kylie König
Business Development Compounding